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Marketing Consulting

With the right approach, we can truly take your marketing to the next level. Ready to take the next step towards improving your marketing efforts?

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Consulting Packages

Pick My Brain

Trade 3 months of commitment for 60 mins of clarity. Get in, get your burning questions answered, and get back to work with clarity. This is a single, powerful call to give you the confidence you need to take actionable steps!

This session is for you if you:
• Have specific questions you need answers to
• Are looking for immediate feedback on an idea
• Need actionable steps so you know what to do next
• Need overall direction


Per Session

Starting at

What's included:


60 min online zoom session to chat and answer any questions you may have

Checklist to followup call with actionable steps

Access to portal with all resources

Recorded Session

Ongoing Coaching

Let's keep the energy burning! Our 2 coaching calls per month will keep you on track and moving forward towards success! Marketing is something that never stops and it's great to have ongoing support to help you stick your marketing plan. 


This session is for you if you:
- Need that ongoing marketing support 
- Want to keep up with new marketing opportunities and know how to best optimize
- Are looking to map out short term and long term goals



Per Month

(with a 3-month commitment)

Starting at

What's included:

Bi-weekly 60 min online zoom session to talk through your marketing plan and keep up with your progress.

Custom Strategic Marketing Plan


KickOff Presentation

Access to portal with all resources

Recorded Session

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​Get ready for a coaching session completely catered to YOU! We'll discuss ways to help you enhance your marketing, take advantage of resources, and grow your biz. I've spent years learning ways to optimize various forms of Digital Marketing including Paid Search, Display Advertising, and Social Media. I'm SO ready to share my knowledge with you and help you establish the perfect strategy for your business!

Helping entrepreneurs take a new and improved approach to marketing!


More Info...


Clarity about the steps you need to stop taking or add to increase your revenue.


We will pinpoint the marketing gaps that are keeping you from earning sales.

Increased confidence so you can move forward with ease and less overwhelm.

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How does it work again?

  • You and I will jump on Zoom (video) 

  • You'll get a copy of the call plus my notes from the call.

  • You pick 2-3 items that you want to focus on for your session

  • You'll leave with a specific plan and clarity on what to do next

How do I sign up?
Start with a FREE discovery call so we can understand your needs and ensure we're a good fit.

What if I don't like your answer in the "Pick My Brain"?
If I can't answer your questions, I'll be transparent in the discovery call. There is no BS here.

But if you don't like the answer, ask yourself why.  Is it because there is a truth embedded that you didn't want to hear?  Is it something that you've heard before that you didn't do?  Or something new that sounds really hard to take on?


Either way, this is an investment to support your goals.  Consider first trying what was suggested.  You might achieve some powerful results!!

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