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What is one thing most business owners struggle with?


So we’ve don’t most of the work for you! Check out this digital file to gain access to our unique Trello Board with over 350 social media post ideas and caption templates. These post templates are divided into five social media content categories to assist you in creating content that will grasp the attention of your audience:

-    Hook Posts
These are posts meant to hook and reel in your next customer/client. These are your sales posts, designed to bring in the coins!

-    Engagement
Engagement Posts are intended to leverage your social media algorithm and get your content SEEN. Engagement posts not only help you build momentum with engagement, but they also help you LEARN about your ideal customer while generating a strong and loyal community.

-    Build Authority
We offer a TON of Authority post templates that can help you establish yourself as the GO-TO person in your industry or area. The best part is, you don't even have to be an expert! This board will show you how to build authority with your followers without needing to be an expert yourself.

-    Truth Bombs
Are you ready to go viral? These real talk posts are designed to be quick kicks in the tush for your ideal client, as well as shareable content that will boost your algorithm. We keep it REAL and authentic over here!

-    Build Trust
The secret to having exceptional sales, growing your audience or gaining the best clients is to have a strong personal brand in which your ideal customer knows, likes, and trusts you. These posts are intended to help you attract and build your tribe while standing out online.

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